March 04, 2004

Kitchen Fresh Chicken

Last night I saw the new KFC commercial that tries to convince us that KFC stands for "Kitchen Fresh Chicken". It's the freshness that makes it good, not the fry!

In addition to the new slogan being difficult to say (which the commercial forthrightly admitted), the lawyers forced the advertising agency to flash the following disclaimer in very small letters that required judicious use of my TiVo to read:

Freshness guarantee does not apply to Hawaii or Alaska or during unusual supply situations.

So I guess outside the continental 48, you get stale chicken – though presumably still from the kitchen.

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January 27, 2004

Sizes Explained

GGC points to a site that finally explains the sizes of beverages served at Starbucks. Not exactly work-safe, though.

Unfortunately, they don't explain what size you'll get when you order my metrosexual, Portuguese-Canadian friend's favorite: a "doppio macchiato". You'd expect a "double" to have some heft to it, but that sucker was smaller than small, or is that taller than tall? Anyway, why you'd pay $3.89 for a thimbleful of coffee is beyond me — I prefer to use economy of scale to my advantage and pay $4.68 for twice as much.

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