September 15, 2003

So the name?

Before moving on to things of substance, I'll try to justify the name of the blog.

Yes, I could have just stuck with my name -- and Vermillion does have such a nice ring to it.

Or I could have added my voice to the chorus of pundits, though in my mind IsntaPundit has already taken the cleverness prize, following in Glenn's footsteps.

Or I could have searched about for some suitable Latin phrase or pseudonym, but the blogosphere is suffering a domain-name-like shortage of Latin phrases, with Crescat Sententia, Arma Virumque, Tacitus, and..., and... Penuria Nomina taking the best.

So, I decided to go with a neologism, stolen unabashedly from the contractor who just finished working on my apartment. He was always doing things "just-in-casionally". I'm not 100% sure what he meant (or how to spell it), but in my mind it was always "just in case something goes wrong, and, honestly, it occasionally does."

I loved that honesty. Certainly more than I liked the things going wrong....

So, when you read the title, take the "if we need it" from the layman's just in case, the logical necessity of the philosopher's just in case, and mingle in a dash of temporality, recurrence, and frequency from plain old occasionally.

So now you know where it started, just-in-casionally it catches on.

Posted by richard at September 15, 2003 05:36 PM