January 08, 2004

Self Defense

They have different ideas about it over in the UK. The BBC Radio 4 ran a poll where listeners could select a bill that they would like passed by Parliament. They billed it as a "unique chance to rewrite the law of the land". A member of Parliament, Stephen Pound, promised to present whichever bill was chosen and attempt to get it passed. According to The Independent, neither the BBC nor Mr. Pound were happy with the proposal that won: that homeowners should be allowed "to use any means to defend their home from intruders".

Pound described it as a "ludicrous, brutal, unworkable blood-stained piece of legislation", remarking that "the People have spoken, ... the bastards." He says, unenthusiastically, that he will still offer the bill as promised.

Seems popular opinion has rallied a bit around the right of self defense since Tony Martin was sentence to 5 years in prison for killing a burgler in his home. (From Hit & Run).

Posted by richard at January 8, 2004 01:39 PM