January 24, 2004

Middle East Peace

This new initiative from Saudi Arabia sounds like the best plan I've seen. It's bold in that it tries to normalize relations between Israel and Arab states while solving the Palestinian crisis. The highlights are that Israel would withdraw to the pre-1967 borders and sign peace treaties and exchange ambassadors with the Arab states. Israel would not be required to take any Palestinian refugees as 2 million would be admitted to the new Palestine and the rest would be let in to other Arab states. The plan supposedly has the backing of Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and (maybe) Qatar and was presented to the US by Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Am I cynical to think that it doesn't have a chance? It's to breathtakingly simple and logical. Are the many leaders (on both sides) who owe their positions to the conflict going to go along with this?

Pointer from OxBlog.

Posted by richard at January 24, 2004 09:38 PM