January 27, 2004

NH Primary

Quick prediction, since everyone seems to be doing it. Since nothing bad will happen to me, other than having to put up with the derision of my few readers, for getting this wrong, I'm encouraged to go out on a limb:

  1. Kerry
  2. Edwards
  3. Dean
  4. Lierberman
  5. Clark

Of course, wishful thinking is probably playing a role here as well. Unlike some, I feel no need to add percentages — I'll just be happy if I'm close.

Update: well, the limb done broke. I knew it was a long shot that Edwards would beat Dean, but I'm actually really surprised that Clark did so well. I just cannot understand why anyone would vote for him — I find him pretty dispicable. I'm sorry Joe-mentum wasn't conserved, because he's at least consistent. Here's the final order:

  1. Kerry
  2. Dean
  3. Clark
  4. Edwards
  5. Lieberman

Posted by richard at January 27, 2004 01:28 PM