June 08, 2004

Good news

Two pieces of good news about Iraq. First the UN security council voted unanimously to approve the US resolution approving the June 30 handover. As an Iraqi official said, "the significance of the resolution is really to take away the concept of occupation." This can only be good for the Iraqis, their future, and the ongoing public relations war. Ayad Allawi welcomed the resolution, saying "it gives Iraq full sovereignty." Shockingly, al-Jazeera is skeptical.

Second, the US successfully rescued three Italians and a Polish citizen who had been kidnapped and held hostage.

Both via the Command Post.

Posted by richard at June 8, 2004 06:38 PM

Well, you beat me to the punch. I just got back from the Sox game - Pedro was brilliant - and saw the article on Boston.com. I was hoping to post it first and say "at last some diplomacy" both to show that I can welcome good news even if it might auger well for Bush, but alsot to point out that working with the rest of the world isn't so hard - and almost certainly beneficial. I much prefer to live in world where Al Qaeda views everyone as its enemy and we work together with our (oftentimes pain in the ass) allies and others to share the burden in terms of money, lives, AND control.

Kudos for the American diplomats. Just wish we could have managed this last January. Certainly a positive step forward.

Posted by: Mike F. at June 8, 2004 11:10 PM