July 02, 2004

Because it gets your goat

You tell me if this headline is justified: New Swell of Insurgent Violence Rolls into Baghdad. Here are the news items contained in the article, in order:

  1. 3 hostages were released
  2. Rocket attack in Baghdad is partially unsuccessful, destroying the van carrying the launcher, and wounds three security guards
  3. Yemen says it will send troops to Iraq if there is a UN resolution, echoing Jordan
  4. Hardline clerics, including Sadr, complained about the handover in Friday prayers
  5. Insurgents have executed no spectacular, high-profile attacks, in what feels like a quiet week
  6. Hotel owner in Baghdad worries that more violence will happen soon
  7. Two US Marines have been killed in Fallujah in the last two days

Where's the swell? Talk about squeezing events into a meta-narrative....

Posted by richard at July 2, 2004 04:19 PM